All About Audrey

What is Audrey? We’re glad you asked. A force for good in a sometimes challenging world, Audrey is an online platform and members’ club for women who long to make a big, bold change – or are already in the process.

Do you ever feel that there must be more to life? Are you at the point of contemplating where you’re at and thinking “Is this it?”. Maybe you’ve done the career, had the kids, lived the lifestyle, had the fun… but for some reason you’re still not feeling fulfilled. Perhaps the events of recent times have left you searching for meaning. You want to do something else, but you’re not sure what. Or maybe you know what that ’something’ is but can’t quite work out how to fit it into your life. Perhaps you’d love the chance to make your mark or make a difference – or delve into a long lost skill or passion and see where it takes you.

If this sounds like you, let Audrey guide, inspire and galvanise you into making your big ‘something’ happen.

Audrey is for you…

If you’re a start up
If you’re writing a book
If you’ve started a side hustle
If you’re changing careers
If you love meeting likeminded women
If you want to live a more meaningful life
if you want to pursue a passion
If you are going through a big life change
If you want to live more adventurously
If you’ve ever wondered if there’s something more for you out there
If you’re reevaluating your life and how you want to spend it
If you want the chance to make your mark or make a difference
If you need expert advice to help you think things through
If you’re sick of being told what you shouldn’t be doing at your age
If you need support from women going through similar things to you
If you want SOMETHING ELSE but you’re just not sure what.

With articles, confidence-boosting exercises, inspiring stories and expert advice, Audrey is a re-source for any woman who wants to give her life a reboot, or feel a bit less alone while doing so.

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Like all good things, Audrey was born out of personal experience. The middle years can be tough, can’t they? For some of us, it seems, the wheels can come off if we’re not careful. Emerging from a tough few years – career challenges, menopause, much soul-searching and the inexorable march of time – Marina, one half of Team Audrey, had the very strong feeling that there must be more to life. But what?

Inspired by the many women she met who’d just gone and done something in midlife – launched an amazing new venture, gone on a midlife gap year, finally written that book – Marina started the pro-cess of exploring ideas for her own self-reinvention. Sometimes it was hard-going, as these things are, with many false starts and obstacles to overcome.

Teaming up with longterm friend, business strategist and coach Faye Watts produced the blue print for Audrey and the partnership that is 131 Media. From Marina’s first-hand experience it had be-came obvious that, for the many women who long to make the second half of their life even more exciting than the first, resources and support are needed. And that’s what Audrey’s all about.

Within a few months, after many late nights and much grafting, Audrey was born. Creating the hashtag Generation Restart to describe our audience and #beaudacious to galvanise them, we soon found that the Audrey message chimed with a whole community of women crying out for ad-vice and inspiration through this life stage.

Connecting with them on social channels has been amazing and given us so much crucial feed-back, amazing restart stories that we’ve shared on Audrey, as well as support and encouragement. Within months we were being quoted in the Telegraph, listed in the F:Entrepreneur 100 and signed up as speakers for Stella Live.

When Covid-19 hit and the world turned dark, we gave women connection and support of a more direct kind, launching the Audrey Live series – Q&As with experts who advise on everything from
controlling anxiety to launching a start-up. With the Audrey Members’ Club we’ve taken online sup-port to the next level, giving members a way to find their tribe, as well as accessing life-enhancing coaching and events (online only at present) and a whole world of stuff that will help them on what-ever life journey they’ve decided to take.

The Audrey story is totally typical of its’ members’ lives, because it hasn’t been a smooth ride. There have been lots of false starts and ‘experiments’ in the process of finding our groove. But it’s also been life-affirmingly amazing to get Audrey off the ground. We’ve already gone way further than we ever thought possible, and we urge you to brave your own restart – if you haven’t already.

And if you’re wondering ‘Yes but why Audrey?” well it’s a fair question. As many have suggested, we chose the name because we were inspired by Audrey Hepburn – but not because she was a Hollywood icon. It was what Audrey did next that we really loved. From 1988 until her untimely death in 1993, the mega-star’s movie career took a back seat to her humanitarian relief work for UNICEF, and she visited famine-hit countries and raised awareness of their plight. This proved more meaningful to Hepburn and she took to her new role with great passion, instead of resting on her laurels. An amazing woman who decided she had more to give. That’s why we’re called Audrey.