Audrey Etiquette

Audrey is all about living the life you want, getting through the tricky bits of life and finding what makes you happy. If there’s something you want to discuss, or you need some support or advice, or you just fancy sounding off, hop over to our Discussions forum.


We like to keep things positive in Audrey – it’s a supportive space for women who are open to self-development and even self-reinvention – so please interact with this intention in mind. We will, of course, intervene if things get abusive, crude or too personal.


There’s no heavy-handed intervention from the Audrey team – we want members to express themselves freely. But with that comes mutual respect and basic decorum. For clarity, here are the rules you need to know about:



What we don’t allow

We will remove posts we believe to be obscene, racist or homophobic, or that contain personal attacks or break the law, once they are brought to our attention. The quickest way to let us know about a post (or thread) that you think should be deleted is to report it. You can do this by clicking on the Report link [xxx] in question. We look at every reported post as soon as we possibly can.


Keep it kind

Please show others courtesy when posting messages on forums, exactly as as you would when speaking to strangers face-to-face. If you don’t share someone’s religious or political beliefs, keep it respectful. Everyone has their own issues to deal with, so please show understanding towards those you disagree with.


Offensive language

The odd swear can be amusing and cathartic, but a tirade of swear words can be challenging, so please bear this mind. The same goes for crudeness. Also be aware that what may be inoffensive to you may be deeply upsetting to someone else.



Sadly all sites are visited by troublemaking trolls for whom friendly supportive chat is not exactly a priority – far from it. If you suspect someone of being a troll – of causing trouble and upset for the hell of it – please don’t accuse them publicly on the discussion thread, and avoid engaging with them. Report your suspicions to us (either by reporting a post of theirs or by mailing us at and we’ll check them out.


Posting links and spamming

While the odd link to other sites that members might find useful is fine, we will delete anyone’s attempts to ‘spam’ the boards with links that promote their own site or product or blog.


Thread deletions

If you have a pressing reason for wanting a thread you have started to be deleted, please report it to us by sending an email to us at with as much detail as possible, and we’ll take a look. However it can be frustrating for members who’ve spent ages crafting a response only to find the whole thread has been deleted, so we try to avoid thread deletions if at all possible. If a thread is deleted, please resist the temptation to start a new one repeating everything that has been deleted, as the new thread will be deleted too.



Contact us directly at if you think your current username is too identifying. But please don’t change your username needlessly – members will have got to know you by your current one, so stick with it if at all possible.