Meet the Team Behind Audrey

Friends for around ten years and business partners since March 2018, while Faye Watts and Marina Gask come from very different areas of expertise they share a vision – and that’s what makes Audrey such a powerful force. The vision? To empower women to find a whole different level of happy in their midlife years. When Faye hit her 40s and Marina her 50s, they started this journey together to inspire, galvanise and cheerlead women as they reevaluate and reboot their lives.


Faye Watts

Faye is one of the founding partners at FUSE and a strategic business adviser who helps entrepreneurs make the right decisions for their business to grow. Faye is also a fully qualified transformational coach which means she’s the very best person to run Club Audrey’s group coaching sessions, to help women identify their goals and ambitions and plan how to actually make them happen. She is proud to be a trustee of Neuroblastoma UK. Faye lives in North London with husband Steve and adorable cat Cecil. A gin-lover, she has an actual full-scale bar in her living room.


Marina Gask

A journalist who started out on teen mag Just Seventeen, Marina has worked on a number of women’s glossies and was editor of Sugar, More! and Top Sante. Apart from writing for broadsheets and women’s media, she’s also a copywriter and press consultant who advises businesses on how to get media coverage Marina researches and writes most of the articles on, and is always on the look-out for inspiring women who’ve turned their lives around. She lives in South East London with chef Tad, grownup sons Dylan and Fred and numerous badly behaved pets. Marina’s a big fan of lying down when her schedule allows.