Who Loves Audrey?

I really enjoy being part of the Audrey community

I really enjoy being part of the Audrey community, especially reading all the fabulous stories of the women who have reinvented themselves later in life. It just gives you even more inspiration and motivation to keep going yourself and prove that it’s never too old to try something new.

Rachel Peru

I’ve been a fan of Audrey since the early days

I’ve been a fan of Audrey since the early days and love the combination of entrepreneurship, adventure and self-reinvention. The stories and articles are inspiring and emboldening and have a real sense of agency, giving practical advice for change. And I also love the supportive community determined to find joy, purpose and success on our own terms.

Jo Moseley

The whole concept of Audrey is just fabulous!

As a woman approaching her 60’s, it really speaks to ME. I have heard so much through my youth that once a woman gets past her ‘prime’ she starts to become invisible. Audrey is the antithesis of that thinking, celebrating and helping women at this exciting and liberating time of our lives to feel proud and positive. I changed careers and became a full time yoga teacher at 56. It really is never too late to make that change.

Vicki Baumann

Audrey: it’s one of the few communities I always have time for

The articles speak to me as a business woman of a certain age, struggling with menopause, trying to please everyone, going grey! Relevant, thought provoking, funny, helpful and supportive. Makes me realise I’m not on my own out there, going crazy trying to hold it all together!

Nicola Wordsworth

Audrey is a community like no other

Audrey is a community like no other.  I love it because it’s authentic, you can trust what you read and I often relate to the stories. Anything that inspires and calls me to action is well worth my attention in my book…

Lorraine Thomas

Audrey means a lot to me

Audrey means a lot to me, more so since I gave up being a successful family lawyer and mediator to write a memoir telling the truth about my brother’s death. But could I actually do it? You can’t be what you can’t see: Audrey is chock full of amazing stories of women reinventing themselves, expanding beyond new horizons, reimagining the way they REALLY want to live their lives. It feels as if we are in a club where you get to create your own reality, given whatever cards you’ve been given, powering yourself to realise your own dreams. It’s joyful and we all need more joy in our lives.

Helen Garlick
Author of No Place To Lie

Audrey is one of those rare places where you feel like you’ve instantly found your ‘tribe’.

I joined an online workshop in the summer of 2020 and felt not only inspired but that I wasn’t alone in the challenges I was facing with work as a woman in her 40s. The workshop was really informative, and there was plenty of ‘networking’ in the chat, too. The site is a mixture of amusing and serious – just what you need from a good magazine and it looks pretty swish, too. Every woman needs a bit of Audrey in her life.

Jenny Stallard
Lifestyle journalist, copywriter and founder of Freelance Feels